Sophisticated Korean Style Fur Collar Dress: Elegant Bead Embellishments

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Trending Fur Collar Dress: Sophisticated Korean Style with Heavy Bead Embellishments

Sophisticated Korean Style

Chic and trendy Korean version dress

Heavy Bead Embellishments

  • Flattering high waist cut
  • Stylish short skirt with heavy industry bead embellishments
  • Unique and fashionable one word collar with fur accent
  • Classic and versatile sleeveless design
  • Intricate splicing and alluring backless feature
  • Flawless H-type silhouette
  • Premium Polyethylene (100%) for durability and comfort
  • Elegant solid color design
  • Perfect for autumn 2023 fashion
Key Features:

durability, comfort, elegant design, Korean fashion, bead embellishments


chic, trendy, versatile, flattering, fashionable, alluring, premium quality

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Color classification: Quality Edition
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