Socialite Feather Tassel Dress: Elegant Autumn Chic Style

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Color classification: Bright Silk Apricot
Size: S

Socialite Halter Backless Feather Tassel Dress: Autumn Chic Statement Piece

Key Features:

  • Luxurious fabric
  • Elegant solid color pattern
  • Sophisticated and Chic style
  • Flattering high waist
  • Intricate Tassel details
  • Unique and Stylish sleeve type
  • Alluring halter neck design
  • Stunning mid to long dress length
  • Perfect for Autumn 2023


  • Applicable for various scenarios like KTV, Banquet, Wedding, Company Annual Meeting, and more
  • Suitable for special occasions and daily wear
  • Material Composition: 100% Premium Polyester for durability


  • Sophisticated look for the modern socialite
  • Chic statement piece for fashion-forward individuals
  • Brings out an alluring and stylish aura


  • Enhances the waistline with its high waist design
  • Provides a unique and elegant dressing option
  • Suitable for various events and seasons

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Color classification: Bright Silk Apricot
Size: S

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