Elegant Lotus Sleeve Evening Gown: Timeless Sophistication

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Color classification: White
Size: S

Elegant Socialite Sexy Lotus Sleeve Dress Gown: Sophisticated Evening Wear

Chic Design

The one-word collar and wide loose waist exude elegance and grace.

Flared Sleeves

Add a touch of glamour and playfulness to your ensemble.

All-Season Wear

Transition effortlessly between autumn and winter 2021 in this versatile gown.

O-Type Profile

Ensures a comfortable and flattering fit for various body shapes.

Timeless Charm

Elevate your wardrobe with the timeless charm of this gown.

Sophisticated Evening Wear

Perfect for special occasions and events.

Modern Woman

Tailored for the modern, fashion-forward woman.

Versatile Gown

Suitable for a range of formal events and gatherings.

Captivating Statement

Make a captivating statement at any special occasion.

Exquisite Gown

Indulge in sophistication with this exquisite gown.

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Color classification: White
Size: S

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