Winter Fairy Pleated Tulle Skirt: Captivating Elegance

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Size: All yards
Color classification: Apricot

Double-Sided Wear Pleated Skirt Tulle Skirt: Winter Fashion Statement

Pleated Skirt

Unique Selling Points: Captivating A-line silhouette, Fairy-like aura

Tulle Skirt

Product Essence: Elegance with a whimsical touch

Winter Fashion

Key Features: Sequined mesh detailing, High waist, Midi length

High Waist

Benefits: Flattering look, Seasonal elegance

Midi Dress

Appeal: Versatile, Transition seamlessly from day to evening

Unique Design

Functionality: Complement commuting and K-style, Ideal for winter 2020

Seasonal Elegance

Makeup: Pleated skirt with tulle


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Size: All yards
Color classification: Apricot

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